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This room might be getting too eclectic even for me…but I think the direction it is headed to I will ride it out for a bit.

This is our families main living space and out of the 3000 sq feet available to us…we are pretty much all in here most of the time. Which makes me think we could have gotten away with a studio apartment.

The views are so breathtaking and the sun so warm from these expansive windows that it feels like a vacation everytime we sit down.

I love my main pieces in here (book cases, cowhide rug, sectional, table/chairs, cradenza) but because I like to treasure hunt, I allow myself to play around with the decor and small pieces in this room.

This 6 x 9 wool Karastan rug was $70 at Goodwill and it brings some color and playfulness to the room.

The end tables were marked as $30 each…but I got them at $30 for the set. Nice to have a matching set.

I now have 5 different colors of woodwork going on…Not for everyone, but I feel SO comfortable here.


Custom Paintings

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Here are the steps to getting your own free custom art:
1. So, first you need to know an artist
2. Then you need to find a painting you like in a catalog or online
3. Then you email that artist (or in my case, mother) and then she/he reproduces your favorite works on gallery wrapped canvas and ships it to you for your 10 year anniversary!
Real painting really warm up a home and make it feel personal. framing is SO expensive and my mom found a way around that by buying an extra thick gallery wrapped canvases. They do not have staples that show and it looks 3-d and intentional.
I have many of my mothers paintings in our home and I always get lots of compliments on them. The bigger the canvas the better and it keeps me from painting my walls in any color but white. I have fallen madly in love with my slightly creme colored walls in this home. Makes me more creative with decor.

Benneton Sweater Rug

Benneton Sweater Rug

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This rug is not really called “Benneton Sweater” but it should be! It reminds me of all those 1980s popular bust colorful pull over or cardigan sweaters of my youth.

Minus the shoulder pads….I still love the ethnic sweater.

Guess where I got this rug! You will never guess! Ha!

Of course you would know that I got it from Goodwill for $19. It is actually a Laura Ashley Home rug from the UK. Starting to come up with a workable color pallet for the room. Thanks rug and pillows for the help!

Brass Bed

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A while back I posted that I thought brass beds might be making a come back…that never really happened, so I was able to find one used for cheap! I love a down market.
My youngest finally got her own room. “Golden” is her favorite color so I picked up a shiny brass bed from craigslist.org for $20. Quite a deal. It is very “bed knobs and broomsticks” and I liked the higher posts. The matres is very low and it makes the room look larger.
She wanted to keep the guest bedroom bedding but we choose some purple velvet and modern bird throw pillows that put me on the hunt for some new fabric for the drapes. Maybe purple and white herringbone?

Henderon dining table

Love this new dining set I scored from Goodwill for $199! All six chairs included and it is all in new condition.

I have been looking for 7 years for a dining table that was style and the right price. When we got our first house I took my parents table with us and though I liked it at the time…I grew into a different style and was not able to find what I wanted. I already had dining chairs I was pleased with but when I saw the whole set I jst had to get it.
Painted firniture, medium wood tones, fabric seats, piping, cane, gold details, extra long and skinny…has everything I was looking for!

Kids Art Table

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$12.99 at goodwill
Starting to see a trend here. May have to change the name of this blog, as the theme has certainly changed.
I have been on the hunt for a low table with capabilities for a roll of art paper for awhile. Bonus that this one is solid hardwood and has storage for all the kids art books and supplies. No more stealing our expensive printer paper for their random musings!

Yes, another goodwill find. I have found that craigslist and Goodwill are really the only 2 places you need to shop if you like ethnic eclectic decor, like I do.

I tried a new approach to decoratiing this home. I kept the big items in neutral colors (creme walls & sofa, white woodwork, pale bamboo floors) and brought in the color with paintings, rugs, pillows & accesories. It is fun to be able to change these things out seasonally and not have to maintain a strict color pallet.

Because my floors and walls are so pale I decided to go with REALLY bold colors/patterns in a few fabric peices. I found this rug at Goodwill for $40. I died. It is so beiutiful that it is like having art laying on the floor. Although it has some frayed edges it is made of wool yarn and should last many more years.