Asian Black Buffet

asian black buffet

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Craigslist was very kind today and hooked me up with a local ex home stager (my best resource since the houseing bubble burst) who needs to unload a house full of wonderful before he moves to India.

Snaged this lovely buffet for $350. It has a much better scale with the room and allowed me to purge my midcentury modern furniture. I tried it…but I just cannot get on the midcentury bandwagon. movin’ on…

girls bedroom

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Funny thing happens when you let kids decorate their own room…it looks awesome. i got her a bunch of paint chips and left it completely up to her. I was not really loving the shade of purple she chose and was trying to get her to pick a warmer version…but this one totally works!

Got a smaller bed that takes up less space. Found a cane Thomasville dresser at a thrift store for $35.

Framed map for $9 and hanging globe mobile from another room in the house.

Curtains are really shower curtains from Target.

I smile every time I walk past this room.

Framed Children’s Art

Framed Children’s Art

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I have had these empty RIBBA ikea frames for months sitting in storage. My husband wanted some art in his office but we could never settle on what would be appropriate and interest related.

Then, I started pilling up the kids artwork from school, and I realized we have what we need already! Nothing is more meaningful to a parent then their children’s product and…lets face it…kids art is, for the most part, better then professional works. At least, certainly better then motivational posters.

RIBBA frames are $10. The only annoying element is that they have plexiglass fronts. So you need to make sure you pull off the plastic on both sides of the plexiglass…and you need to screw the backing to the frames or it will warp. The hardware is provided, as well as the mounts and wire needed to hang.

Goodwill Bench $30

Goodwill Bench $30

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See that $30 bench? I am so happy I ran accross in. I was in the market for something to sit on as we take on and off our shoes. We are one of those take off your shoes at the door kind of home….is that annoying?

Anyway it causes a lot of shoes in the foyer (family of five) and requires a sitting area for some.

I was just about to pull the trigger on this puppy: http://www.ballarddesigns.com/dorchester-benches/42913

But, like most times consider retail…I am so glad I waited. Resale just FEELS better. And the chocolate velvet seat is cute.

Spray Painting Metal

Wall Art in Livingroom $10

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I got a little crazy here. I little “out of the box” (I have been enjoying quotes lately)

I have been looking for some 3-d wall art for this space above the sofa for some time now. I thought I would remove the painting and spray paint some cheesy 70s metal wall art navy blue….have I lost you yet? At least you can be happy I did not do THAT.

Instead I happened upon these little….outdoor lighting fixtures? I think that is what they are. Not sure why they look and open like medieval bird cages…

Anyway they were a bit rusty and discolored so I spray painted them with a Rustolium product in brushed gold. It was a very simply process and they dried outside in a few hours.

I really like the color and the balance it gives to the room.


It is also my “new thing”

Here is a close up of my new buffet. LOVE. But the scale is a bit off for the LARGE livingroom. Not sure about this purchase but I can live with it until I something else catches my eye.

Scooped this up for $15 at a church thrift store

I am all about the floating shelf, hung flat screen and buffet (or hutch) look. Now I need to work on a solution for all those wires….

Try to ignore the wires under the buffet…..I cannot, but I ask anyway.

I have finally found a midcentury “set” that I like in the living room. After taking a few photos of the living room and noticed I had TOO MUCH going on. I went and purchased all the things I fellin love with…without any thought to if they loved eachother.

I decided to focus on a period for the woodwork and I decided that I like midcentury for this space. It goes with the house and the wood color looks good (contrast…but not too much) with the floors and sofa.

Found mathcing side tables for $20 awhile back and just found this $30 buffet at a church thrift store to match. I can enough hidden storage and I like the look.


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This room might be getting too eclectic even for me…but I think the direction it is headed to I will ride it out for a bit.

This is our families main living space and out of the 3000 sq feet available to us…we are pretty much all in here most of the time. Which makes me think we could have gotten away with a studio apartment.

The views are so breathtaking and the sun so warm from these expansive windows that it feels like a vacation everytime we sit down.

I love my main pieces in here (book cases, cowhide rug, sectional, table/chairs, cradenza) but because I like to treasure hunt, I allow myself to play around with the decor and small pieces in this room.

This 6 x 9 wool Karastan rug was $70 at Goodwill and it brings some color and playfulness to the room.

The end tables were marked as $30 each…but I got them at $30 for the set. Nice to have a matching set.

I now have 5 different colors of woodwork going on…Not for everyone, but I feel SO comfortable here.

Custom Paintings

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Here are the steps to getting your own free custom art:
1. So, first you need to know an artist
2. Then you need to find a painting you like in a catalog or online
3. Then you email that artist (or in my case, mother) and then she/he reproduces your favorite works on gallery wrapped canvas and ships it to you for your 10 year anniversary!
Real painting really warm up a home and make it feel personal. framing is SO expensive and my mom found a way around that by buying an extra thick gallery wrapped canvases. They do not have staples that show and it looks 3-d and intentional.
I have many of my mothers paintings in our home and I always get lots of compliments on them. The bigger the canvas the better and it keeps me from painting my walls in any color but white. I have fallen madly in love with my slightly creme colored walls in this home. Makes me more creative with decor.

Benneton Sweater Rug

Benneton Sweater Rug

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This rug is not really called “Benneton Sweater” but it should be! It reminds me of all those 1980s popular bust colorful pull over or cardigan sweaters of my youth.

Minus the shoulder pads….I still love the ethnic sweater.

Guess where I got this rug! You will never guess! Ha!

Of course you would know that I got it from Goodwill for $19. It is actually a Laura Ashley Home rug from the UK. Starting to come up with a workable color pallet for the room. Thanks rug and pillows for the help!